Eddie St. James is a new writer with a penchant for flash fiction. He resides in Illinois where prison life constantly tests his optimism and resolve to do good. To stave off negativity, St. James immerses himself in the cathartic process of creating entertaining fiction that is rich with diversity and style.

During his tenure with the Illinois Department of Corrections, Eddie St. James has utilized his time productively. As to date, he has earned a masters degree in Christian Counseling and certification in Victim Advocacy. Flowing from his education and life experience is a sincere effort to advocate for restorative justice values.

As one might imagine, prison life is full of routine. A typical day for St. James involves a lot of reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, and watching Chicago sports. Most of all, he LOVES to learn new things – especially about different cultures and lifestyles.

St. Jame’s philosophy and ambition as an incarcerated writer is simple: “Always write from the soul with words that will speak to the most hearts.” For this reason, he aims for his eclectic collection of short stories to become the modern day, literary equivalent of Mozart’s Penny Operas. Fast, fun, fiction for the everyday – always on the go – folks, that won’t break the piggy bank.


  • LEGAL NAME: James E. Rodgers
  • DOB: 31 Jan 1973
  • QUOTE: “Audi Alteram Partem.” (Hear the Other Side)
  • AUTHORS: Shakespeare, Poe, Wilde, Orwell, Steinbeck


Transcending from being an aspiring writer to a published (and paid) author takes a lot of faith. As a seminary graduate, St. James knows a thing or two about the power of perseverance. It is what keeps him motivated to pursue his true passion in life: advocating for restorative justice values – via written words.

Although St. James has made significant progress in his education, his ambition to gain more knowledge is far from over. He desires to continue taking college and/or certification course that provide specialized training in: Conflict Resolution, Substance Abuse Counseling, and Paralegal Studies. All of which he fully intends to incorporate into his writing career. A vocation he believes will serve the greater good of all those who have been adversely affected by immoral/criminal behavior.

St. James is acutely aware that his educational and vocational agendas are wholly dependent on the generous support of readers and editors who believe in his voice and message. As such, one of his main strategies to bring his vision into fruition is to produce and promote short stories that result in paid publication by literary magazines and/or publishers. With that said, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT EDDIE ST. JAMES!